My current server infrastructure – or why I switched away from Dyn

I know, I know, it has been really quiet here. I’m working on a rather big free software project which is taking a lot of time. I’ll explain more once v0.1 is ready! :)

After what has happened to NoIP today I was shocked to see how a private business can simply take over a DNS server and direct it to wherever they want to. This did lead me to the decision to cancel my paid account at Dyn which I used to get a DynDns-hostname for my home server. It’s not like Dyn did anything wrong (I had no issues with them whatsoever), but after what’s happened I just don’t feel comfortable with relying on a service provider in the US.

This then lead me to giving you a quick overview of what servers I run, with which providers, and for what reason, since that’s a question I’ve been asked a few times.

(Disclaimer: These opinions are all my own ones, as always. I did not get paid for anything, and all links are regular links without any referrer)

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Testbericht: Sony Xperia Tablet Z

I hear my inner voice talking to me again, telling me I really should do more stuff in English… The next one, really! Im Rahmen des Smartphone-Battles (bzw. jetzt wohl Tablet-Battle) von Orange bin ich gebeten worden, während je zwei Wochen zwei Tablets zu testen – ein Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 und ein Sony Xperia Tablet. Nachdem ich vor einem guten Monat den Testbericht zum Galaxy Tab 3 veröffentlicht hatte, folgt hier nun der Testbericht zum Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Continue reading

Testbericht: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Damn, another German post :P – but I promise, after either this one, or after the next one, there will be more content for my English readers ;)

Im Rahmen des Smartphone-Battles (bzw. jetzt wohl Tablet-Battle) von Orange bin ich gebeten worden, während je zwei Wochen zwei Tablets zu testen – ein Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 und ein Sony Xperia Tablet. Ich fange hier mal mit dem Galaxy Tab 3 an.

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Thinkpad-Garantie in der Schweiz / ESAG AG

Yup, it’s one of these German-only posts again, about my expericences with the Thinkpad warranty in Switzerland.



Es ist etwas geschehen, was sehr selten geschieht – ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Garantieservice einer Firma. Das letzte mal war das bei Apple vor einigen Jahren so. (Onlineformular ausfüllen, UPS-Mensch kommt am selben Tag vorbei, innerhalb 48h per UPS ein Neugerät)

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Adafruit Trinket – Microcontrollers made usable.

I like microcontrollers. Often it’s more fun and easier to me to solve some hardware-problem in software, rather than using dedicated hardware.

The problem is it’s usually really a hassle to get a microcontroller for a project running. You have to solder yourself some board, care about power supply, some ISP header, and hope your programmer still works. I’m tired of that, and it seems at least for smaller projects I’ve found a solution now: The Adafruit Trinket.

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Die Probleme der SBB

Eigentlich bin ich mir von der SBB ja höchste Standards gewohnt, nicht umsonst erwähnt sogar die ÖBB das “Schweizer Vorbild”.

Aber was die letzten Tage im Kanton Zürich abgeht, ist echt krass. Praktisch jeden Tag seit einer knappen Woche hatte ich jetzt irgend eine heftige Verspätung. Gut, da waren ein Personenunfall, eine Bombendrohung und ein umgekipper Kran dabei, aber der Grossteil sind Fälle, bei denen ich die SBB beschuldigen muss.

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What I install on a freshly set up Linux

I’ve been asked by a lot of people what the first things I install after a fresh setup are.

Recently, my filesystem (NILFS2) went amok. I really liked the idea of continuous snapshots so I can rollback if I do anything stupid. However, somehow the garbage collector didn’t delete old stuff (which has happened once or twice in the past), my / filesystem ran full, and the GC didn’t run at all anymore. So, yep, I had no way of getting some space free.

So I did a fresh setup, trying out some less experimental filesystem – btrfs.

So here we go, here was what I installed after some hours of use:

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I love free software!

Today, it’s not only Valentine’s day, it’s also “I love free software” day:I love Free Software!

Chances are you are already using free software, maybe without even knowing. Happing to use Firefox? Or Gimp maybe? KeePass? Pidgin? Limewire? Vuze? Thunderbird? VLC? Open/Libreoffice? Audacity? Inkscape? Filezilla? Notepad++? Or even Ubuntu or some other Linux? – They are all opensource, and most of them are free software.

Software is like sex; it’s better when it’s free.

– Linus Torvalds

Why should software be free?”, you might ask? Let me quickly explain some points why avoid everything closed-source if I can:

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