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Indian Microsoft phone scams and how to have fun with them

Maybe you’ve heard of the microsoft phone scams going on lately. They started in the US and the UK and recently more and more Swiss people are getting called. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a lot of news sites have lengthy articles on the matter: ZDnet, the guardian, Microsoft Security Blog to only name a few.

So recently I already got called by a number, which after some googling turned to be out exactly this. I missed the call and was very sad I did so, because I thought it would be a lot of fun.

Then today I got called again. YES! So there was a guy with a very strong indian accent who told me my computer was at risk.

While I told him my computer was booting, I started up vmware (damn, recompiling modules… okay, told him my computer was a bit slow so it will take a while) and did a snapshot, removed my VMware shared storage folders (a very wise thing to do!) then booted my Windows XP VM. And that’s what happened afterwards:

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How much I drive with public transports every month

Since quite a long time, I’ve been wondering how much I’m driving with public transports in an average month.

First I thought about using a GPS tracker (or rather, my Android phone) for doing so, but probably I’d run into some battery problems, and I might forget to turn the tracker off and on when needed. So I took the mathematical approach.

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So there we go!

A bit more than one and a half year ago, I tweeted:

Guys, if I’d start a Blog and write several times a week about Linux, Android and other nerdy stuff, would you regularly read it? 🙂

The twitter user @paniq answered something like (I can’t find his original tweet anymore):

Only if it was a comic!


And this is what happened:

Comic showing a twitter conversation

Yes, I still think it’s horrible. But there we go, procrastination aside, I finally started my own interblag.

What you can expect to show up here in the future:

  • Posts about Linux, my setups, etc.
  • Probably a bit about Android, Geocaching, Photographing, and other hobbies of mine.
  • Random parts and rants from and about my daily life.