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I love free software!

Today, it’s not only Valentine’s day, it’s also “I love free software” day:I love Free Software!

Chances are you are already using free software, maybe without even knowing. Happing to use Firefox? Or Gimp maybe? KeePass? Pidgin? Limewire? Vuze? Thunderbird? VLC? Open/Libreoffice? Audacity? Inkscape? Filezilla? Notepad++? Or even Ubuntu or some other Linux? – They are all opensource, and most of them are free software.

Software is like sex; it’s better when it’s free.

— Linus Torvalds

Why should software be free?”, you might ask? Let me quickly explain some points why avoid everything closed-source if I can:

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Lenovo, stop killing Thinkpad keyboards!

I love Lenovo, and I love my Thinkpad. Their keyboards are (were?) just perfect. I’ve seen people spending a lot of time modding Thinkpad laptop keyboards to use them with their computers. But now, it seems things are getting worse and worse.

Let me start with the tablet buttons first, since I’m a Tablet user. Let’s take a look at how the “evolution” looked over the years:

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