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My current server infrastructure – or why I switched away from Dyn

I know, I know, it has been really quiet here. I’m working on a rather big free software project which is taking a lot of time. I’ll explain more once v0.1 is ready! 🙂

After what has happened to NoIP today I was shocked to see how a private business can simply take over a DNS server and direct it to wherever they want to. This did lead me to the decision to cancel my paid account at Dyn which I used to get a DynDns-hostname for my home server. It’s not like Dyn did anything wrong (I had no issues with them whatsoever), but after what’s happened I just don’t feel comfortable with relying on a service provider in the US.

This then lead me to giving you a quick overview of what servers I run, with which providers, and for what reason, since that’s a question I’ve been asked a few times.

(Disclaimer: These opinions are all my own ones, as always. I did not get paid for anything, and all links are regular links without any referrer)

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