Koss Porta Pro

Wheee, time for a new post! Hope you all had a nice Christmas and a happy new year!

Also, first of all: no, I’ve not been paid by anyone for writing this post. I’m just a fanboy 😀

Today I want to give you a quick look at my favourite headphones since a few months, the Koss Porta Pros:


Yes, they look horrible. But they sound so damn awesome. They exist unmodified since 1984, the only thing which was changed since then is the plug which is now (depending on what model you get, it seems) sometimes straight instead of angled.

People even start modding them:


… they drill holes into the grills to get some more mids and highs out (the headphones are quite bassy)

Koss Porta Pro Cushion Mod

… they put different cushions and cans on them.


… they attach a $275+ cable to them. (Yes, really.)

crazy porta pro mod

… or they go completely crazy and do their own wood cans and leather cushion.

Since I also think they’re too open (e.g. you hear noises a lot, and other people hear your music) I tried to move them into the case of some other, full headphone, but after that they sounded horrible and I had to get me a new pair :-/

Other people say from the subjective sound quality they blew away their $350 Bose or their $200 Sennheiser.

Oh, right, price. You can get them for $35 (USA/Amazon) / EUR 25 (Germany/Amazon) / CHF 52 (Switzerland/Digitec). Cheap, right? On top of that, lifetime warranty included.

Oh, and just for fun:


My girlfriend switched from her Apple Buds to these after trying mine and loves them as well. A friend of mine and me did a blind comparison and we can tell a 128 kbit MP3 apart of a lossless FLAC with these.

By the way: Wonder what that weird screw on the earpiece is for? It seems to be a leftover of the ancient (1970) Pro4AA headphones which had a screw for broadcasters to attach a microphone. Kinda cute!

By the way #2: If you have Porta Pros and they start to have some weird rattling/clicking sound at some frequences, this might occur because of hairs on the membrane. Take the ear pads off and gently blow inside the holes and get all these little hairs out – that helped a lot for me!

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