The past, the present and the future

Phew… finally time to write another blogpost, something I already wanted to do for weeks! This one will be about the past (what happened in my life the past few weeks), the present (what I’m working on now, and why this blog looks different) and the future (what blog articles are planned).

The past

In the past few weeks (or months, rather!) I finished my apprenticeship as an electronical engineer, so I’m finally working in a real job position! This meant a lot of stress, and little free time for me lately, but it also paid off! If I remember correctly, I finished my apprenticeship with a 5.3 (6 being the best mark), and my vocational baccalaureate (BMS) with a 4.6.

Then I spent most of the time catching up with my mails, RSS-feed-items and coding projects which I missed over that time.

The present

You might have noticed this blog finally replaced the main homepage! The other greenish one was deprecated for some time, but I unfortunately had a good reason to keep it there, which is finally gone now!

Also, it looks different. I didn’t really like the dark theme too much, and somehow WordPress messed it up and only displayed a blank page, so I decided to switch to this. It’s a pretty standard theme, but it’s nice and clean, so I’ll stick to that.

Other than that, I’m currently working on three big projects:

  • Getting my terabytes of data ordered and sorted, which is really a big task, because it is (or was, it’s getting better) a total mess from different genrations of different computers I used. I built a nice NAS/Server with 3 TB of space in a RAID1 — more details coming soon. This also means I checked in a lot of old code into my git repositories, which are worth a look!
  • Getting my RGB LED strip up and running. The cool thing about that thing is the ability to control each LED individually. I’m planning to solder some converter hardware and then using a raspberry pi with WiFi to have a webinterface for it, and then decorating my room with it.
  • Some bits and pieces for herbstluftwm (the window manager I use) I’m working on.

The future

I still have lots of ideas what to blog about, and I hope you’ll see more articles in the future. Posts I have in mind – most of them about software I use:

Want to see any of these more than the others? Please let me know in the comments!

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