Adafruit Trinket – Microcontrollers made usable.

I like microcontrollers. Often it’s more fun and easier to me to solve some hardware-problem in software, rather than using dedicated hardware.

The problem is it’s usually really a hassle to get a microcontroller for a project running. You have to solder yourself some board, care about power supply, some ISP header, and hope your programmer still works. I’m tired of that, and it seems at least for smaller projects I’ve found a solution now: The Adafruit Trinket.

Adafruit Trinket

It comes with an Atmel AVR ATTiny85, which means you get 5 usable I/Os (including analog inputs, PWM and hardware-SPI and I2C), 5.25KB of usable flash, 512 bytes SRAM and 512 bytes EEPROM to use.

It’s not much – but as said, for smaller projects it will suffice. And now the cool part:

You have a MiniUSB-connector, and the board just mimics an USBtinyISP, so you can simply plug a cable in, fire up avrdude or your Arduino IDE, connect the USB cable, and you’re good to go!

For the power supply, simply connect <= 16VDC (not sure on what the minimum voltage is), to the easily reachable pins, done. There are versions for 3.3V and 5V logics at $7.95 each. I’ll probably get the 6-pack ($42) so I have one ready whenever I need something to play with.

Oh, and no, I’m not getting laid paid by them or anything, I just find that an awesome project.

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