Die Probleme der SBB

Eigentlich bin ich mir von der SBB ja höchste Standards gewohnt, nicht umsonst erwähnt sogar die ÖBB das “Schweizer Vorbild”.

Aber was die letzten Tage im Kanton Zürich abgeht, ist echt krass. Praktisch jeden Tag seit einer knappen Woche hatte ich jetzt irgend eine heftige Verspätung. Gut, da waren ein Personenunfall, eine Bombendrohung und ein umgekipper Kran dabei, aber der Grossteil sind Fälle, bei denen ich die SBB beschuldigen muss.

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What I install on a freshly set up Linux

I’ve been asked by a lot of people what the first things I install after a fresh setup are.

Recently, my filesystem (NILFS2) went amok. I really liked the idea of continuous snapshots so I can rollback if I do anything stupid. However, somehow the garbage collector didn’t delete old stuff (which has happened once or twice in the past), my / filesystem ran full, and the GC didn’t run at all anymore. So, yep, I had no way of getting some space free.

So I did a fresh setup, trying out some less experimental filesystem – btrfs.

So here we go, here was what I installed after some hours of use:

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I love free software!

Today, it’s not only Valentine’s day, it’s also “I love free software” day:I love Free Software!

Chances are you are already using free software, maybe without even knowing. Happing to use Firefox? Or Gimp maybe? KeePass? Pidgin? Limewire? Vuze? Thunderbird? VLC? Open/Libreoffice? Audacity? Inkscape? Filezilla? Notepad++? Or even Ubuntu or some other Linux? – They are all opensource, and most of them are free software.

Software is like sex; it’s better when it’s free.

— Linus Torvalds

Why should software be free?”, you might ask? Let me quickly explain some points why avoid everything closed-source if I can:

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Lenovo, stop killing Thinkpad keyboards!

I love Lenovo, and I love my Thinkpad. Their keyboards are (were?) just perfect. I’ve seen people spending a lot of time modding Thinkpad laptop keyboards to use them with their computers. But now, it seems things are getting worse and worse.

Let me start with the tablet buttons first, since I’m a Tablet user. Let’s take a look at how the “evolution” looked over the years:

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Why browser fingerprinting is a problem

You have persistent cookie storage turned off and you think you can’t be identified? You are so wrong.

I think I’ve seen it before, but I lately discovered PanOptiClick again. It’s a website where your browser fingerprint is compared to everyone else who used the website, and it tells you how unique that fingerprint is. You are encouraged to give it a try, since that makes their sample size bigger.

Your browser fingerprint consists of informations every website you visit knows about you:

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Spambots are fun!

Just noticed I had posted this as a page instead of a post some while ago…

Nothing lengthy this time, just saw this in my pastebin:

One moment, please <a href=" spam-url ">spam link</a> thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

Please hold the line… your call is very important to us…


Time, or lack thereof


you might have noticed it got rather quiet here. Just wanted to let all you guys and gals know it probably will stay like that until Christmas or so. I’m currently having more exams than school days and also two school projects going on. I still can’t really tell where all the time I need for that is, but it certainly helps when I don’t spend the time blogging. Hey, I even temporarily stopped coding.

I have some great topics to blog about in my head, and I will do so as soon as I get a chance. If you check this website by hand, check again after Christmas. If you use an RSS-reader, just stay tuned.


Hallo Orange, tschüss Sunrise!

Yep, another post in German. I guess the next one will be in English. 😛

Die Story vom letzten Mal geht weiter, allerdings bisher weit positiver 🙂 Man muss Sunrise lassen, dass die fristlose Kündigung relativ unkompliziert gelaufen ist. Mir wurde einige Tage später wieder angerufen, das mit der Kündigung sei in Ordnung, und es sei bei mir im Kundenkonto vermerkt, ich könne die Nummer ohne Gebühren transferieren. Ich hoffe nun nur noch, dass das mit der Rufnummernübernahme dann auch wirklich funktioniert, das steht momentan noch aus.

Nun ja, ich bin bei Orange gelandet. Es gab dabei viele gute, und einige wenige schlechte Erfahrungen. Dazu sei vielleicht noch gesagt, dass ich von Orange kein Geld oder so für den Blogpost bekomme 😀

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